Draw in tube tools

Hello, good morning. In the tools /tube drawing tool is an extension that allows us to draw our desired shape and extend it along the length of the pipe. It is very interesting. I wish this tool could be developed in such a way that we can draw a 2D plan. Let’s do something beyond the 2D drawing of ( Blender) and ( umake3D) num 2, but then I saw a 3D drawing tool in the iPhone Market called 3D Pen. Have your friends used it?

At first, forgive me for not knowing where to present this new article in which room.

I am also grateful to you, dear programmer, for developing the tube tool, I wish it was one of your priorities.

I found out right here that it is within your power to develop and create a two-dimensional plan and SVG files, something similar to umake3D and then give it a bend. Something like a blender

I’m very sorry for disturbing you in the midst of all your more important work.

I have tried using uMake, Feather and Gravity Sketch and they all have one big issue. You have to move or draw a plane then you can draw a line on. For me this becomes too annoying to do in the long run and I just give up. The only experience where 3d sketching doesn’t feel limited by this is in VR.


Why are the simplest ways far from my mind?!? :thinking::wink:Thanks,

just a simple suggestion to have a tiled plan in the Grid instead of the ball when we open the nomad Sculpt .

Set up Nomad in the way you wish it to be at start up, then save it as a template file. This file can include a lighting setup, environment, materials, post process settings etc.
When you start a new project, open up the template file, resave and begin sculpting.

I do too :shamrock: