[DOF] is there a way to fix this?

I have some issue with the way the DOF is render :slight_smile: it is not that 'important I mean it’s a nice to have. But once I put a Refraction Material, then the DOF behind is no more DOF.
And when near objects, mid and far object are close togheter, then it feels off as well, it’s like the blur is blending on the object that shouldn’t be blurred.

As I said it’s a really nice to have, Nomad is a really powerfull and nice to use program I love it ! :sunny:

I guess is fixed on the beta, check it on the webdemo.

Fixed for 1.84, should be released soon.


it’s a screenshot from the website version

Nevermind I read the topic too fast.
There is a dof bug in 1.83 but it only concerns the focus point not being updated when you tap on screen.

For the refraction, yes it won’t work with a real time engine.

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