Dilemma: pose -> texture or texture -> pose?

I have a big dilemma that kept me from sleeping well lol. I have a character comprising about ten different pieces (armor, clothes, weapons … etc) it’s a very old project that I had done under 3dsmax and that I finally want to finish. The problem is that my character is not put in final pose and that I want to texture it with procreate. The dilemma is the following either I pose the character before attacking the textures by making a simple merge first then pose then separate my objects make the uv then the texture in procreate. This first solution will allow me to do only one pose or I have to start the process over for another pose. The second solution is to do a simple merge of everything unfold my uvs go to procreate create my textures then I could give my character several poses but the big problem I encountered while trying this method is that all the objects are on a single texture and especially in procreate there is no way to hide parts if everything has been merged so to paint it will not be obvious and moreover some parts which need a good resolution will not will have more. (I am not looking for pc solutions). How would you do it? Thank you.

oh yes I also had the method where I painted everything in procreate on separate objects then I come back to nomad to do the pose except that a simple merge eliminates the different textures in nomad.

Personally I’d wait to finish this off when group functions are available and a proper hierarchy in the scene outliner, which will give us better ability to control multiple meshes with different materials & textures at the same time which Im hopeful will be getting introduced to Nomad soon (hopefully also not wrong). My personal approach to this, would be to make characters that are easily colourable and textured, create multiple different poses and apply the same method to all, without going into too much refinement. It might be a case of having to keep it more simple for now my friend.

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It will be a long time to wait for the hierarchy system. This character I have left aside since 2007 lol all because I could not do hair. So at the time I was preparing it with the arms outstretched as we do to apply the rigging but in the end it serves me especially as my goal is no longer to animate but just a sculpture-like pose (I did a cross on animation for a long time it’s not my thing). So in my opinion what I’m going to do is do my pose with the masking and the adjustable pivot and rework the parts that will not look very nice. But hey, I have already learned from my mistakes because the new sculptures I put them in final pose from the blockout.

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No real solution, more a suggestion. What if you try the vertex paint way but part by part? Subdivide, paint, decimate next? Decimation with respect to colors could still save some memory……just an idea. Good luck!

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Yes I could do that subdivide paint and decimate I think I have to stop trying to want to import everything into procreate lol. Here I made my decision to give a classic pose rather than a dynamic pose (it was already a big dilemma to be resolved) then I would combine a little texture and vertex paint.

@knacki Thank you by answering you I just found the beginning of a solution. In fact I could just be finishing the colors and textures on all my separate objects and I don’t really need to do a simple merge to do the pose (although it would be 10x faster) I will pose my character piece by piece. piece this way if I don’t like the pose, I can start again at the step just before the installation. With the difference that if I pose then I paint and I don’t like it, I will have to start from further afield. And so I’m going to do piece by piece or rather set of pieces by set of pieces. In any case, this is the best solution because if everything was grouped together in one piece there would be deformations in the armor pieces which must obviously remain hard…
Thanks @knacki

Cheers :slight_smile:

Don‘t forget to use layers.
Layer for each pose,
Layers for paint.
Maybe this will reduce amount of work as well.
They are working independent from polycount.