Detail layer corrupting other layers

EDIT: I’ve noticed the version I am using is 1.82. I haven’t updated in a while. I will try updating to see if the problem’s been fixed. Thank you.

I’ll try to explain this problem the best I can.

Basically, I have a layers dedicated to specific things like painting, detail, expressions etc. I like to keep it neat because of my OCD. And sometimes, when I toggle off the detail layer to smooth something out on another layer, I notice that the detail layer has affected one of my other random layers.

For example, I find when I toggle off my detail layer, my paint layer has the details of my stamp tools on it. And sometimes it’s affected several other layers too. It’s a really frustrating bug. I have to re-do entire layers sometimes because of it.

It’s an annoyance and I have no idea how it happens. I’m always really careful about my layer order and this usually happens randomly.

The thing is, I notice it late into my sculptures when the multi-res is super high and I am in the inspection phase. This could possibly be due to my human error. But I am curious if anybody else has experienced this so I don’t feel crazy.

I am pretty sure that this bug has been fixed.

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Ah, so it wasn’t just me then. Thank you. I kept thinking it was something I was accidentally doing. I have updated now so hopefully I won’t have to worry about this again.