Decimate feature needs improvement


Love the App. I found that the “Decimate” feature gives undesired results with the mesh. It basically messes it completely (small holes everywhere). It does reduce it but I believe this algorithm can be better. After importing it to Maya and trying to clean it… the mesh is too damaged (even for retopo).
Compared to the “Reduce” Tool in Maya, the result are clean and 100% holes free. I know being compared to Maya is unfair but it’s also a testament of how good this App is and can be.

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Are you sure it isn’t your mesh causing the problems?

Never had your issueso far.
While it isn’t clean quad results like Zremesher or 3ds max new Retopology modifier, decimate can really compete quality result wise with ProOptimize modifier from 3ds max.

I never had issues with holes so far.

Are you referring to “decimation” by using the voxel remesh (which can create holes if an area is thinner than the voxel size), or dynamic topology decimation (which I’ve never personally had an issue with holes or even read about that issue coming up so far)?

I’m referring to Decimation (& the button Decimate). Here’s the screenshot.

It does create holes and they’re really difficult to get fix. You may think is normal but Maya reduction results with zero holes (same high poly mesh, not the one in the photo).

You know, I’ve never used that before so I really don’t know. Just tried it. Now, my sculpt may be entirely different than what you’re testing it out on, but wow. I don’t think I’ll ever need it, but it worked quite well on a head with an open mouth (I thought that maybe the thinness of the cheeks might cause something similar to what you experienced, but it stayed almost exact to the original). I had to turn on the wireframe to prove to myself that it was actually working since the numbers went down but it looked almost exactly the same (and I thought it was already pretty low in the vertices count).

Just took it down to even half that number (the head is now at 3785 vertices from around 71000). I’m still amazed at the quality it’s giving with this base.

I think knacki was likely correct. What did the original mesh look like?

Can you give me the mesh or provide screenshots?
I’ve reworked the decimation algorithm but I can’t tell what your issues is.

The new algorithm can be tested at nomad - WebAssembly
(you can drag n drop the file in the browser on iPad or desktop)

I use it all the time and haven’t had any issues. Both iPhone X and 2021 iPad Pro

Me too, no problems with decimation. For closing holes you have an option in settings that could check to close holes when remesh before applying the decimate.

I use decimation all the time as I’m not chasing perfect quad meshes. It has never created holes - if you’ve got holes in the mesh already then they will be more noticeable as less vertices will be around them. A way to fix small holes is to use dynamic topo and a brush that is slightly bigger than the offending hole, although Nomads close holes function also works well :+1:t2:

How much detail can you have with 3.7k+ faces, or is this after decimation?