Crashing Tab s7

I just bought nomad on my tab s7 and most things seem to work fine, however when I try to use the flatten or layer tool the app instantly crashes to the homescreen.
Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks for your time.

I can reproduce the flatten crash.
I’m making a release at the moment.

Can you tell me how to reproduce the layer crash?

Unfortunately no, it just crashes as soon as I use the tool, doesn’t matter if it’s a new file or an existing one, also reinstalling the app didn’t work.

Here’s a quick screen recording if it helps.

Ah yes nevermind, the issue was already fixed, the release is on the way.

Wow that’s awesome, thanks for the quick work!

I Just updated, the layer tool seems to be fixed, however flatten still crashes the app.

The last version is 1.42.1, I.m not sure it’s live yet.

Ah it just went live, updated and everything works great now, thanks again.