Crashing on BlueStacks

I currently use my Asus laptop hooked up to my Huion monitor for my digital art. I don’t have an ipad atm so i’m resulting to using Nomad Sculpt on BlueStacks. I’m not sure if i’ll have any luck here but it’s worth a try, everytime I save something as a .obj and “send/export to windows” - Nomad Sculpt app crashes…any help would be greatly appreciated! :crossed_fingers:

I posted this elsewhere that Blue Stacks was crashing for me too.

It’s basically useless for Nomad, insofar as my PC is concerned. I’m not sure that there is a workaround until there is a PC version or web application that has more features. The current Web app is purposely limited and is used primarily for testing purposes. It would be nice to have a PC version at some point, but it’s not on the horizon it seems.

The good news is that Nomad works incredibly well on the iPad and is the perfect counterpoint to the overpriced and feature poor Forger. Thankfully we’re not limited to that app.

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