Controlling the forklift with layers only - Tutorial

Hi friends

In this tutorial I will show you how to control a forklift with layers only.
You will be able to move forward and backward, lift and drop down the box, put the box on top of the other boxes and a little bit more.


You can download the project file and the assets in the links below:
Project file:

Lowpoly forklift assets


Thanks for sharing.
The parallax effetc video in your channel is super cool.

Welcome :blush:
I’m glad you like it

Awesome, thanks for the quick tutorial! Would you happen to know why my parts scale up/down when rotating on a layer? Here’s a video for an example:

Unfortunately it’s not possible to rotate the parts with the layers without missing up the scale, I’m still trying to find a work around it😅

I guess that with the rotation will not work without the deformation. On the layer, the displacement of the individual vertices is stored, not the rotation around a center point.

Dang! Thank you both for the answers :smiley: