Controller Support

Hey there! I was curious if there was a good hand held remote that can be used with Nomad? I use the EK Remote from Wacom when im in zbrush and unfortunately theres no way to get that to work on the ipad. I do know that the Nintendo Joycons work on ipad via bluetooth and i would love the ability to have that be recognized in Nomad. My janky hands will forever be thankful :).

I’m using this controller (not great for large hands though)

it’s bluetooth and sends non Ascii keycodes still works great with Nomad . Could indicate that other bluetooth controllers might work too.

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Thanks so much! Ill see if i can get a version! <3

You’re welcome! I’m using Android btw so couldn’t tell about Apple

This one works with my ipad, it too can send ascii characters.

That said I got it working, used it for a week, and it went in a drawer. :slight_smile:

AH gotcha! Thanks for the help! I might have to buy this and then let it sit in my drawer too lol. just gotta get used to skektching and sculpting on my ipad but its been a fun journey so far!