Color faces by normal relative to world for 3D print design

This is definitely niche enough to be a “ha ha no way”, but I figure it might be easy enough to implement that it’s worth asking.

I (and a lot of us, I’d guess) use Nomad for making things to 3D print. Being able to see in-app what surfaces are too horizontal to print without supports would be kind of amazing.

A view mode that colors faces (or vertices?) based on their angle relative to the world Y (Z? I forget what up is) axis would be really helpful. UI-wise would need a threshold input (so, anything below x degrees is highlighted) and, probably, a color selector. Maybe the ability to change the orientation against which the comparison is made.

I wonder, though, if matcaps could be made to render relative to the world instead of relative to the camera, if that would provide a simpler implementation of this (then just load a custom matcap with the relative angles colored as expected).


Very nice idea :ok_hand: +1

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