Can no longer poly paint mesh after boolean operation

Hello, i got a little problem, i can no longer polypaint or edit the paint on a mesh after using a boolean operation to subtract something.
Is there any way to fix this or is this how boolean operations work?
The only thing that is editable is the area where something was subtracted.

Thank you!

Hello !
Did you mask your object before the boolean operation ?
I test too mask a sphere and make a boolean with a cylinder.
The result is the same as you explain. I can paint the hole but not the rest of the surface which is masked.

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It definitly looks like it’s masked. Clear your mask and you should be good :slight_smile:

It was solved in the discord.

The issue was the “base” layer was selected.

That’s why you should include full screenshot, not cropped one!
That way the solution would be on the screen (red dot indicator means the base layer is selected)