Part that cant paint after merge

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Any idea why i cant paint the pink part? The face part is imported from forger, the pink part is sculp in nomad. After both merge ,i cant paint the pink part .

There is no masked area… tried to moved but no idea why can,t paint it

i cant help you with that but you can separate the two if it was a simple merge.
Click on the three little dots on the right of the scene (kind of like layers) the model is on.

Once separated, paint the pink part…maybe.

i did separate it both part, the pink part still cant be paint, just don’t know what is the reason .
i exported the head to obj file and open it in nomad again, and the result make the head can be paint .

i think this is the only way :cry:

You are painting on the base layer while having a painted layer on top.

How to know it is a base layer or painted layer??

  • i choosen the ‘force paint all’ , all layer should be paint ,but it does not work
    :exploding_head:So confusing

force paint all does not paint all layer, it simply paint the mesh with the chosen material.
The only difference with paint all is that channel masking or paint intensity is ignored.

You know you are on the “base” layer because it’s written None at the bottom of the screen!
(that’s how I knew you had layers)

If you merge multiple object with each their own layers, you better visit the layer tab after the merge to make sure you are on the correct layer.

What you can do is either

  • select the top layer and paint on it
  • merge all layers if you don’t need them
  • stay on the base but set to 0 the “color/roughness/metalness” for each layer settings (worse solution imo)

understood what you try to say , mean my object is from difference layer . thanks for the solution :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: