Camera view preset

Hello, let’s see if you guys can help a noob like me , I got an image as reference with an human body with 3 view , front , back , left . I m following a tutorial on YouTube “simple human body base mesh” , I set head chest and pelvis over the front view of reference, then I create a new camera view called front , then I moved those 3 meshes and I put them over the left side of human reference and I rotated the meshes accordo with the reference, and I created a new cam called it left, after that I moved the same 3 meshes over the back side human reference and after rotated accordly with reference I created a new camera called back …when I click on front camera and left camera I created everything is ok , but then when I click on back camera meshes are far away from reference , btw I updated for each modify the cam I created ….where I m wrong what I have to check ? … thx in advance for your help

Maybe I understood something, when I update the camera view I have to select all the meshes + the camera view + the camera “ father” …I did that then I updated the view and now every camera view works correctly…hope I did the right fix :slight_smile: