Bury Autosave In Settings To Prevent Accidental Off

This may be splitting hairs, but perhaps the on/off for Autosave could be made harder to toggle. I accidentally turned it off and lost work. Totally operator error, but figured I’d chime in, in the event anyone else made the same mistake.

I am having that problem too…I keep loosing work I save them or Save as,
Rename files but some how it still manages to override, it’s a bit confusing.

You shouldn’t rename files while Nomad is opened (or at least restart Nomad just after).

I can add back the warning.

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Ha, I know some folks complained about it… It could be distracting but wasn’t a deal-breaker for me…

I may be an outlier. Frankly I don’t know how I managed to turn off Autosave other than an errant tap when I had the File menu open. I was just wondering if putting autosave in the global settings menu would keep it safe. Again, I don’t know if anyone else has made the same mistake I did, so take my comment with a grain of salt.

I don’t think anyone complained about it since it’s not something you use often.

It’s the regular popup that could be annoying.

That being, never rely solely on the app autosave (no matter the software).
Read the expert tip from zbrush.

Ah ok, I misunderstood. You meant a warning that autosave is off?

Yeah, I hear you. On desktop I am a hardcore serial saver. I’m so used to autosave on my Ipad (Procreate ruined me) however that I forget sometimes. That said I am in full agreement in not relying on autosave.

I was referring to Make autosave reminder optional

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How do I create a new scene after saving my last piece of work
Because it overrides it and I loose my original piece.

Yours sincerely

Adrianna Thomas

I’m confused. Did you try the “New” button?