Make autosave reminder optional

I want the autosave on but without those annoying popups that are more distracting than anything helpful tbh. Why are autosaves tied with the reminder? Please make it optional.

I can add an option to remove the reminder.

Autosave is a pain.
Everyone has a different vision on how it should work, and more importantly sculpting files can be huge, so it can be annoying to have a freeze during your workflow.

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Thanks, I’d appreciate the reminder being optional.

Also, if saves are freezing some people then they’re unlikely to use the autosave function anyways. For them a quick save button in the toolbar would probably be a more welcome addition. Maybe move the about us button to the menu and replacing its former location with a quick save? Just a thought. Navigating menu, clicking confirm to save might not be much but it still takes your hands off what you’re doing and if you do it often it becomes annoying.

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