Brush sharing! Gradient Alpha Dowmload


This is a gradient alpha workaround.

Aaaaaand a little tutorial how to share brushes. Yes!! We can share brushes :vulcan_salute:
Do it on your own risk. I tested it once and it was working with my older iPad.

Tutorial for IOS.
Do following steps:
With files app go “on my iPad” and choose Nomad folder. Check, if there is a “tools” folder. If not, you haven’t generated a new brush icon yet. To do so, open Nomad, long press on any brush icon and choose clone. Now a tool folder is generated in Nomad directory. (You can delete this brush icon later)
Maybe you can directly generate a “tools” folder with files app, but I haven’t tested this.
-Close Nomad

download the json file
Brush settings file
and store it in Nomad/tools folder.

Download this Gradient Alpha
Gradient Alpha
and store it under Nomad/Alpha

Open Nomad again. In your brush list, there is a Gradien_Mask brush on very bottom working exactly like mine. :blush: :vulcan_salute:
You wanna uncheck symmetry, depending on what you want to mask

For those who don’t trust this way or just are not experienced enough to trust themselves, here are my settings. You can just clone the mask brush and change the clone with following settings and the gradient alpha.
If you find better once, please share it here.

In action:

Show me what you are doing with this brush in here. Just to make me happy. :blush:


Hey mate, how to use this as it looks promising? :slight_smile:

Like the stamp tool.
I can’t tell you if it will work to copy the json file into nomad brush folder and copying the alpha into the nomad alpha folder .
To be save, just download the alpha and use the settings from my list.

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What is the JSON file for? Just wondering for my own education.

On IOS, there is a folder called tools. There are this json files stored. I guess its a container with all settings for new save brush icon…I don’t know if all brush settings are saved with that… I guess I better delete that file before someone gets into trouble…

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Thanks for the information :joy:

Ok folks. Brush sharing is working. Tested it on my old iPad Pro.
Do it on your own risk.
I am on IOS only and have not a clue about Android. It would be nice if some Androids would share a little Tutorial as well in here.

Everything exposed in Nomad folder is safe for sharing or editing.

The only thing not really supported is to delete some files Nomad/data for example removing preview_small while keeping preview_big, etc

Note that the alpha is not embedded in the tool settings, the alpha is only referenced through name.

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Out of curiosity, are there any plans to move to a bundled brush/tool file that could include the alphas as well?

Not yet, maybe in the future.

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