Best Slicer for iPad?

Just going to buy the Ender 6. Does any one know if there is a good slicer for the iPad Pro 2020. If I have to use a internet slicer, can anyone recommend one? Thanks Ray

Your best bet is to export the files out as obj to somewhere like Google Drive. Then on a laptop or desktop, upload them to a slicing program like Lychee or Chitubox. Both of those are Free software for basic versions.
I dont think there is a slicing program for iOS.

Have a look at Kiri:Moto. It might do what you are looking for.

Thanks for your replies. My son had a old windows 10 laptop, so I have put a slicer on that and get my files of iCloud to convert them.
So if there are any app developers out there how about a slicer for iPad Pro 2020. Not much to ask is it? :wink:
Thanks Ray