App crashes during autosave

Version 1.47.
The app crashes I think everytime I am doing some memory draining actions and the same time an autosave is saving it’s file. I also have a little lag during autosave.

It looks like memory problem but I have 4GB free RAM. I’m using iPad Pro 2020.


Here Ididn’t turn on an autosave popup, but I am pretty sure it was autosaving. When I tap on the highest level of multiresolution, the app crashes.

Here I turn on a popup and you can see while I’m using the tool and autosave count came to 0 the app crashes.

And here is the lag during autosave

Indeed there is a bug when you create a layer that is not on the highest resolution.

There is a lot going on when autosaving (it could be faster but then it would take more memory so it could crash easily).
I could probably improve it by running some of the operations in the background but it makes things more complex.
Files can be huge, it’s not a 2d apps, several hundreds of MB sometimes (and there are zipped as well).

Hmm… it shouldn’t happen so I’ll take a look.
That being said you aren’t supposed to do anything while it saved (actually the save popup appears only after 1.5s of inaction).

Yes. When I shuffle between multiresolution levels and work on layers, it causes a crash.

Note that it should work fine if you create the layer while you are on the highest resolution.
Then shuffling back & forth shouldn’t lead to a crash.

It’s not a new issue from what I’ve seen, it was probably there since December.
Too bad I couldn’t make the fix in 1.47, for next release then!