Angry Avatar Ang

For all of The Last Airbender fans out there. The Avatar unleashed. Just playing with some of the newer Nomad tools. Tried to show off all of his bending skills at once. Entirely done and rendered in Nomad. The background is not mine.


Very nice and dynamic!

How did you vary the texture? And there is a transparency option?

Hi Erik,

I’m loving the new features. This sculpt was done on version 1.56. So, the water and air are set as refractive under the material tab with an index of refraction of 1 for the air so it wouldn’t distort what’s behind it and 1.4 for the water so that it would in order to make it look more like water. The air has an underlying color of white and the water is a light blue to give some hue to them. Under the paint tab below material is a new section where you can paint with a texture. The rocks and fire were painted with rock and fire textures I found online. I also painted with the depth filtering option in the paint tool settings option to adjust some of the hue at different depths manually. They were initially shaped with the move tool. I also used alphas with the stamp tool to give them shape, particularly the fire to make it spikey. The rocks are opaque in materials, the fire is additive with an opacity of 1.45 giving it just a touch of opacity and the illusion of light. The eyes and tattoos are colored pure white and set as additive with an opacity all the way up at 5 giving them the appearance of being lit from within. Hope that helps, let me know if you need further clarification.