Creating The FrogMech MK 1

The first fully developed sculpt I’m kind of happy with, since I started sculpting about a month ago. I must say Nomad Sculpt is one of the most intuitive creation apps I’ve used. Still not using some hidden features, and with an ipad air, I am limited in scale to my creations. But this forces me to be selective in my designs and make various tight design decisions. Hence, I stuck to mostly blocky primitives and the style became quite “toy” like, which I’m pleased with. I exported to Blender for the final render.


The FrogMech MK1 was developed by the Dreyfus Brothers in their fabled subterranean“ghostworks” circa 3044. This was the first time the concept of pizeo-kinetic leaping was successfully implemented into a mech body, eventually allowing pilots to jump to heights 20 times the chassis’s height.**

**Early prototypes were, however, not without their disasters, as malfunctioning gyroscopes and overzealous engineered meant many test pilots crashed to their demise. This gave this programme the nickname “The Last Croak”.


Few more angles for detail.


I really like the lights!. Really sells it as a mech

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Thanks! ( disclosure: All my creatures have lit eyes as I’m terrible with eyes haha)

Well, you inspired me. Wasn’t sure what to sculpt next and have decided to do Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender when he finally fully becomes the Avatar and has his tattoos and eyes glow bright white. :slight_smile:

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