Align Subtools to WorldCenter

I imported a figure that I created in Sculptris a few years ago and began sculpting over it. It is fully symmetrical. Now I’ve sculpted equipment over it and they’re all out of alignment with the World Center and even with themselves. Before I proceed, I’d like to align all my sub-tools with the world Center and keep them there until I break symmetry. How do I do this? Is this something that can currently be done or is it something in the offing?!

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 12.20.12 PM|666x500

First make sure the symmetry is in “World” space, in the current version there is a bug and sometimes it switches to “Local” when you load a model (it is going to be fixed on next release).

To center the objects, you should use the “Move Origin” option in the gizmo option.
In the current version there is a bug and “Move Origin” doesn’t work when multiple objects are selected.

For the next release:

There’s a workaround for the current version but there are more steps:

Thank you so much. I knew that it had to be something simple that I was missing. I really only need to adjust the main mesh (body) to the World Center, then I can adjust the other sub-tools relative to that starting point. I’m excited to see how this app progresses. You did a masterful job.

Yep you can do that as well, but if you have many objects, you can also do what I did in the second video.
Merge all object -> Reset Origin -> Separate