About the Chinese translation

With the 1.66 new version release I find the quality of translation has greatly declined, for example ,“Sub” is “反向” in the previous version, but in the latest version it becomes “子”, it means children or subsidiary. Like “translation snap”, it is “翻译吸附”, it splits a phrase into two words to translate, “翻译” is “translate”. I think this wouldn’t happen if the “translation” team even use google translation.

I’m happy to see this app has Chinese version, actually I even don’t mind the translation errors because I remember what each function is. But if new users use this translation version, I believe they will be totally confused. At the same time, I hope the team’s efforts in translation can be rewarded.

So I hope you can pay attention to this problem.

Best regards

I don’t get it, should it be “翻译” instead?
For example Rotate snap was already there in 1.65 and it was/is “角度吸附”.

For obvious reason I can’t fix it myself.
And it’s not like there exists agency specialised in 3d modelling afaik.
But for existing translation, I can make adjustment if some things needs improvements (I would need to rely on community feedbacks in that case).

You can see the translation here, the file is pretty big: nomad-translation/simplified-chinese.strings at main · stephomi/nomad-translation · GitHub

Many entries translation hasn’t been changed since last release, so I’m a bit surprised that “translation has greatly declined” and [new users] would be “totally confused”.
Overall it should be more or less the same.

If there are other entries that clearly need to be updated, just tell me so and I’ll update it.

ps: there is a bug in 1.66 where iOS traditional chinese is ignored but it’ll be fixed in next release

In Chinese 翻译 is real“translation”, it means interpret.:rofl:
I think translation snap should be 移动吸附, 移动 means move item’s position in Chinese.

But anyway, I’m glad to be involved in improving the software experience.

And yes, I may be a little serious. After all, my mother tongue is not English. If you are shocked, please forgive me.:joy:

In this version, I found two translation errors that affect the use:

翻译吸附 should be 移动吸附

and in tools: clay, brush, layer, crease, inflate, pinch, nudge, stamp
Sub selection should be 反向, but not 子
but when I check the translation string, I cannot find string “子”, it’s correct in the file.
so I don’t know why it displays 子 in the app.

So [totally confused] is too serious :rofl: I mean some users (such as me) may be confused when using these functions.
If I find more problems, I will post them in this topic.

Damn, ahah :cry:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I’ll make those changes.

Yes that’s because I already integrated your fix.

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