Phone users on Android

Will you be adding this to Android? I can only afford Androids version. Have you seen my sculpts? Where is my sss. I can give more thoughts to what I believe what you are not doing, but I will listen and hear, what say you? Please don’t be a forgone conclusion. Please be honest.

Hard to understand what you want to say. Translation apps are not always good.

Final version will come for all devices.
It’s still in beta.
Don’t worry.

Sorry man, struggling to understand you but as @knacki said Nomad 1.66 will come out soon. The developer is just fixing some bugs and polishing it up.

Sorry for the confusion with this post it wasn’t mine but sent to me via email via translation. I was in to much of a hurry and really didn’t look at it, cut and paste. My apologies again and thanks for figuring it out. I’ve relayed your answer.Thanks again.