A turntable function while sculpting

So I’d love for the turntable to be able to be switched on while sculpting in the normal interface mode, is it possible in any way?

This would help create organic spirals without having to let the pencil off the screen and make everything in one stroke. Example would be creating a wooden stick with a spiral texture, or maybe even just a spring with the tube tool.

It would also be cool to give it the same functions at is already has so you can control speed. This allows traditional sculpting methods too.

Anyone disagree or like this suggestion?

Has it already been suggested?

Cheers, hope you all had a good weekend.

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Press with 4 fingers in turntable mode.
You can also use this gesture to hide the UI…
What you have in mind has been tried before, some things work quite well. You just have to know that the render mode is active all the time, so better make post processing off.

I made a suggestion a while ago, as Holger mentions it works partly

It works vice versa.
Turn on turntable - and sculpt!
Use Holger’s four finger tip to do whatever you want.

You can even put turntable speed on 0 to achieve interesting effects.

The turntable pivot is the only culprit for me. It rotates around last touch on canvas, if I am remembering correctly. I don’t know how to Center. In my first example, I just validate a new primitive in a new scene to get the pivot in center. Any advice?

@knacki I believe it rotates around the center of all objects currently visible in the scene. At least that’s what it seems to do for me.

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Indeed. It was once rotating around red dot you could move by tapping somewhere in screen……if I am remembering correctly? But it’s much better like it is now.