More Controls in the Turntable More or Turntable option for the Main Interface

I have seen a tutorial in which a user uses the Turntable mode in combination with radial symmetry to achieve a “sculpting on a turntable” experience.

I did not know that sculpting in Turntable mode was even a thing. I thought it is just for display.

I tried this method and it is very cool.
I suggest having more controls in the turntable mode.
For example, an undo/redo buttons.
When I tested this method on the desktop demo of Nomad Sculpt I was able to undo/redo using "CTRL+Z"and “CTRL+Y”, but I can’t do the same on the IPad version.

So maybe if @stephomi got time down the track can add more controls to the turntable mode, or add a turntable option to the main app interface?

Thanks a lot.

Here is the tutorial I found:


Try double tap to undo and triple tap to redo.