Button for Turntable / Continuous with latest Turntable Settings

A button at the bottom of the bar for turntable mode would be great. Just press it to get into edit mode without UI.

  • Function continuous mode on/off.
  • Function UI on / off.

I’m sure you know about the 4 finger tap to hide / show the UI? I agree that the checkbox would also be a good thing.

No, please no button on the turntable, it would lose all sense of the clean turntable with just the model. As specified @bezzo with the 4 fingers for me it is enough. After that it is true that you have to know the shortcuts.

Ok, right, the button could be omitted, the one for the continuous mode could be replaced with another gesture…(3 Finger Tap ?)
But in the main UI a button for the Turntable mode would be more convenient than the detour via the Nomad menu.

Are you after quicker access to continuous workaround? Making turntable access easier - is that the way to go?

3 finger tap is for REdo following a two finger tap UNdo. We are running out of fingers!! :joy:

Yes, since the turntable mode offers an additional mode for the tools - Contious - a faster switch would be handy. The 4 Finger Tab only hides the UI - continous is not active. The bare turntable mode is also nice for sculpting I discovered today but there’s no gesture to switch between normal / continous till now.
I have not thought through all the possibilities yet, maybe Stephane has a better idea to switch views quickly…

We can use the Nose for that.

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You apply the turntable mode then hit 4 fingers to return to the full UI. Turntable remains on.

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Yes, it just doesn’t work the other way. TAP 4 Finger in the main UI does not switch to turntable mode but only hides the UI.

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Ah yes I understand what you mean you want a button that appear when you hide the interface. It’s a good idea but it seems unnecessary to me lol, it’s so easy to start the turntable.

It doesn’t have to be a button, a gesture with your fingers or a swipe is also a pleasant thing. It is true that it is not much effort to activate the mode manually via the menu.
Example: I miss in many apps the 2 finger UNDO gesture, of course it is not a big effort to press the UNDO arrow (it’s so easy lol), but the gesture makes it easier.

Turntable is a gadget, I’m not adding a top level button for that.
Continuous only place to be is in a stroke menu (next to dot and drag dynamic settings).
I still consider continuous a bit useless though.

Yes, as a brush setting, this would make sense. This continuous behavior is an additional option for the brush behavior and allows again quite a few possibilities, you can hardly say what you can do with it, I know it only since today and find it quite useful so far.