A little question about pivot

When using the “medial” function, it theoretically takes the middle of the two points to place the Gizmo, but when I use it, it doesn’t feel any different from “first”, do you do the same?What is the problem?Is there something wrong with it?

Do you have two sided on?
Rotate the camera to see where the gizmo is, it should be inside the sphere.

:joy:I see, no wonder you keep reminding me that Gizmo might be located in the middle of the model!

The problem is actually in this annotation, which, literally, would be interpreted as clicking on two points and then taking the midpoint of their line as the point where the Gizmo is placed

But this is not the case, the real effect is that after clicking on the surface, the gizmo will be placed at the midpoint of the z-axis of the surface of this point

Above is the effect of operating in the front view and then switching to the top view to view the effect

That’s your interpretation. It’s the two “first” intersections of a single ray cast (if there is at least 2 intersections of course), not the first intersection of the two latest ray cast.

There’s no “z-axis” involved.

You use this option to quickly put the gizmo inside a volume, instead of on the surface.
“Medial” isn’t really the correct term though, as the gizmo won’t be on the medial axis, but in practice it shouldn’t be far off.