3d print from Nomad - Simple Merge vs Voxel Merge


I’m a newbie in 3d printing
Is there anyone here tried 3d printing from Nomad with Simple Merge vs Voxel Merge?
I wanted to use Simple merge when creating keys/pegs, Voxel merge breaks my detailed areas.
Does Simple merge fail when printing?

Thank you

Simple merge has worked for me on both Cura and Chitubox. Just make sure your parts are solid/watertight.


How do I check if the parts are solid/watertight?



Just let me know, if I should use Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo for you again. :vulcan_salute:

As a total beginner, it is a bit lazy just dropping a narrowed down question in here, just to reveal step by step that you have no idea what you are talking about.

I would advice you to do, what everyone did. Learn basics, try, ask when you have a specific problem after.
We all had to go through it and it’s not that complicate and the only way, beside a personal teacher, to learn stuff.

But explaining 3D printing someone not informed at all but without knowing his knowledge status is a waste of time for all of us. One answer opens thousand new questions.
I mean, I could start with a toy plane again, like yesterday for someone else like you. Or directly after the earth cooled down.
But I am way too tired today, I am sorry
And it’s unnecessary as all you want to know is already written down precisely, you just have to open your eyes. :kiss:

Watertight: a mesh without a hole. Theoretically you can fill it with water and nothing drops on the floor. But Nomad is not last step in Production.

Just go through some of the information above. l learned everything at shapeways about 3D printing, but I already saw that the net is explodingly filled up with tuts, video, courses nowadays.


As knacki said, Google for information. There’s so many tutorials and information that’s easy to find and doesn’t waste everyone else’s time having to re-create or explain it when it’s so easily accessed.

We love to help, especially knacki. But please, help us help you by taking the time to educate yourself as well.


How can I do solid figures in nomad sculpt? I cant found.

As long as there is no “holes” in your sculpt, it is count as a “solid” model.
However, if there are holes in your model, you can still fix it by filling the holes.

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