3d model to power point

Hello! I need to do presentation with my 3d room and I don’t really understand if there is a possible way to import that 3d model to powerpoint including all lights, have anybody ever created something like this? If there’s no way, how can I present this room?

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Export as PNG and import into Powerpoint.

On Nomad go to Project > Render > Export, select desired resolution and press Export PNG

But is there a way how to export 3d model? Like to animate through slides with morph transition?
I saw loats of videos about animating 3d in powerpoint but don’t really understand what the format should I use for it and to show all of lights

If you can load 3d models, you’ll loose most of the materials (refraction, roughness,metalness), the lights and the postprocesses.

If you need a better render or do animation, you can export to blender and it will retain lights and materials Files
You’ll still need to setup some material like subsurface or refraction.

In a nutshell: Not straighforward

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Can’t you open a web page during the presentation ?
With an online gltf viewer you can display any exported Nomad sculpt project in 3D.


If you bake maps and export gltf, it might work: glTF on Microsoft PowerPoint - YouTube

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