3D human pose generator export to nomadsculpt?

Is there an app for creating human poses that can then be imported into Nomadsculpt?


Other way round you can do it, make a model in Nomad > upload to Mixamo web software & pose > export > File Conversion (FBX back to OBJ (online converter or use Blender) > bring back into Nomad = posed model.

Hi John,

I wasn’t aware of Mixamo and it opens up vast possibilities of animation for me…

On the other hand, the whole point of creating a posed model with pose software is to get started quicker with making the model in NomadSculpt. I see an app like Poser costs $250, other apps are free but can’t export the model. I was thinking of something in between.

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For blender was a free abandoned human generator and a very good paid version for 70$ non commercial.