2D image to 3D bas relief

The ability to import a 2D image and generate a 3D bas relief to start with.

You can use the stamp tool to do this. Really easy.

Cool. I’ll look up some tutorials and give it a shot tonight.


Eh, kinda. It turns out pretty crappy and is not at all like a good bas relief sculpture. Even making a proper depth mask (which most images won’t be) from a 3d model and trying to use it with stamp mode yields less-than-stellar results.

I’ve been able to achieve great results with it. A couple tips:

  • Subdivide a lot so that you have a very dense mesh and then it turns out really good.
  • Trim or Boolean the top and bottom off so you’re left with a thin slice and then scale to be as thick as needed.

In my experience, the problem is more with the stamp itself. Most images don’t have tonal values where they should be to create a bas relief model. Sharp edges where they should be softer (or lower), low bit depth causing banding, etc.

I’ve never gotten more than a very rough start from the stamp tool, even with depth maps created from 3d models to begin with, and that was on a project I spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to figure something out (ended up just using ZBrush’s excellent bad relief tool).

I’d be very interested to see what you came up with, though!

Had pretty good results from this online tool for generating depth maps from photos.

Made this bas relief style model using stamp & layers on the image generated by the tool.


I once made a video on this topic.
There are already a few useful tools online like Bezzo said.
I don’t think Stephane will include something like this as an import feature.