Converting 2D images to 3D in NomadSculpt

Hi there! As you probably noticed - in new version of Nomad, we have new cool ability! Now we can import pbr textures! But also we can made this:

Here some test:

From my old 2d Art that I Made in Procreate.

Full workflow with source files is avaliable here: RaZuM - exclusive content on Boosty


What a lovely and peaceful little scene! Very well done in both media.


Thank you!

Sooo, if I get this right… you have imported a 2d image, and somehow created 3d geometry of the different parts?

Yep, easy and quick! It’s so powerful!


Would love to see a free sample of your workflow! I haven’t been able to get UVs to work purely in Nomad. Did you use procreate as well?

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Yes, first I made 2D art in Procreate, then convert it to NomadSculpt. But you can use any images it is real game changer.
I have some workflows on my Youtube:

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This is brilliant ! I’ve just finished observing your full procress on boosty and it really inspired me to reconnect with painting in order to combine it w/ 3d environments. It leaves room to so many possibilities

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Thank you! Glad to hear that! There are so many new way’s to create Cool stuff Now!

I know this is what will possibly happen, as it is controversially doing with 2d art right now, but seriously… Need to keep an eye on these punks…
. :-/

Wow, that is cool. I learned to convert my images to 3D models using SelfCAD, and it is cool also, especially for beginners.
It is amazing how we have many tools out here for advancing the 3D modeling field.

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Hi there , can u hitme up on discord, I need some info


Hi! You can contact with me in