Wireframe flickering in Materials Setting

When Wireframe is turned on in the Materials menu, the mesh flickers. Ipad Pro 2020 / Latest IOS.

I get that a lot. It does this on all hardware. The edges only flickers when the camera rotates, which I think is a process to do with the live rendering treatment. It’s stable though, never a problem with its functionality.

Yes, stable it is, the flickering is just a bit distracting, maybe it can be fixed, if not it’s not really a problem of course.

When there’s lots of objects on screen, and a few have been set to wireframe - I know what you mean, it can be a little bit of a visual distraction. Maybe the flickering can be reduced, but I don’t think there could be much improvement.

It only flickers when the wireframe is activated via the Material menu.
The global wireframe does not flicker.

If wireframe is already on and the material wireframe’s are turned off independently, there’s no flickering at all I’ve discovered. So doing the opposite - having universal wireframe already on and turning the ones you don’t want viewed off, eliminates this visual artefact.

Yes that’s true, but that’s exactly the opposite attitude I want to have :slightly_smiling_face:.
With two objects the setting is no problem, with hundred it becomes exhausting.
I want global wireframe off - active object wireframe on.
Doesn’t matter, then it flickers.

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