Wireframe by Individual Mesh

I like using Nomad for blocking out perspective for drawings. It is useful for me to use planes and turn on wireframe and reduce opacity to make reference grids. The wireframe on transparent meshes helps with perspective drawing too.
Now I can adjust by individual mesh their transparency and that is very helpful. What I can’t do, unless I am missing something, is turn wireframe on and off per mesh. That would be helpful. Ideally I would want a global on and off wireframe button AND a wireframe by selected mesh on and off button.


I actually somehow managed to do this earlier today and cannot for the life of me figure out if it was a bug or a feature I didn’t know about.

Justin, so you can’t reproduce it? Can you describe what happened?

Okay, I see what you mean. It is inconsistent and I can’t always reproduce it but if the visibility eyeball for a mesh is closed and the mesh is not visible, sometimes the wireframe visibility button doesn’t effect that mesh. So far I can’t figure out a reproducible work around to give me what I want.

Figured it out!

If you turn on wireframe while you’re in Solo mode (the magnifying glass in the bottom shortcut bar), when you turn solo mode back off, none of your other objects will have wireframe on. Looks like a bug, rather than an “undocumented feature”.

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Excellent find! No need to fix this, it’s a feature.

Hahaha is kind of nice, but I’d rather it be a bit easier to turn on/off.

Justin, THANK YOU! Well investigated. I still think it should be a feature but at least now I have a work around.

Shhhhhh, keep it quiet or else Stephane will fix it in the next release. :joy:

Smooth shading is also impacted by the bug.


Don’t fix it, it’s good that we can combine sharp edges with soft on a separate objects. Or maybe adapted to be more like a optional feature . I find it very useful


Wireframe by Individual Mesh
The trick no longer works ! Or ? Ipad Pro - Trick not working ! Web App - not working.

Am I doing something wrong or is this fixed - ? Don’t fix it !!!

Please, please activate again.
A selection option to show only the mesh of the active object - if all meshes are always shown it is sometimes too confusing.
A switch Wire Frame Global or active element would be absolutely great.

Now is in material

What is in MATERIAL ? Can you explain this in more detail. The topic is about the WIREFRAME. What can be seen in the photo → Smooth Shading → what does that do to the WIREFRAME ?

Sorry you right, the wireframe tricks seem like it’s not working anymore. I thought you are referring to smooth shading by individual mesh. Before it was bug/trick but now it’s i the menu. Maybe you can make it a feature request to be added in the material menu.

I’ll add an off/off toggle similarly to smooth shading.