Latest update issues

Latest update Issues:

  • Wireframe doesn’t work (doesn’t show up until after I save)
  • Mirror while creating tube doesn’t show mirrored tube before validating.

Wireframe works fine for me fine, mostly - it goes nuts a bit with a lot of effects but its not a deal breaker. ive been using it for a specific piece. The only real issue I’ve found - for some reason - several material objective set to additive affects it a bit, the last object i set to additive (the android phone in zombie hand) the wireframe from the mesh in the background was visible through it. Its only not visible in the image because ive angled the camera away from it (if you look carefully actually its poking through). Only logging this also for when Stephane reads this.

The only other main issue Ive found in this build when setting custom pivot; gizmo rotation isnt there.

I can’t confirm both issues. Everything fine.
iPad Pro 10,5” IOS 15

I opened the app today and now it is working. I’ll see if I can recreate it.