Why is the "Selmask-rect" function often chosen as a triangle polygon at the coner?

Hello, I have a question about “Selmask-rect”

I first use a “Selmask-rect” to mask, and then move the object through the gizmo.

i wanna select shape square.

But the result, both corners turn into triangle polygons.

Can you guess why?

To add saying, extracting in that state results in square object. (No problem)

If the quad is not planar, you’ll see that it’s actually 2 triangles.
You cannot control how it splits the quad, so that’s why the corners looks different.

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Stephomi, Thank you to reply.

Then, How can i select perfectly quad, using “Mask” function?
OR Could you let me know any method a proper way?

Wow! you made Nomad Sculpt?

I started 3d modeling through “Nomad Sculpt”.

Thank you so much for developing a great application.
It’s an honor to be able to talk like this.

Thanks again!!!

You select vertex, not faces, so it’s not possible.
Mask isn’t made to do precise polygon operation.

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