Voxel extrude

Hi, I am using Nomad to make masks, that I 3D print molds for and cast and one part of my workflow is to do both negative and postive extrusion. With the current version of Nomad doing a negative extrusion using a mask results in garbage toplogy when more than about -0.2 is specified.

I normally use voxel extrusion in 3D Coat to do this, because it generally gets it right, but because it remeshes with as a voxel it generates good stuff.

My feature request is to be able to use a mask to do both negative and postive voxel extrusion, and to have the extrusion amount directly related to the unit specified, so a -2 extrusion is -2 units in the cordinate system, i.e. so -2 = -2mm if that is the scale I print at.

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