UV auto-unwrap no longer available. UVAtlas?

I’m trying to import my model and its mesh into procreate to paint, but it won’t paint at all, even if I make sure I’m on “colour”.
Because UV auto-unwrap is no longer an option on the decimation menu, I assumed UVAtlas was the same function, although it didn’t give me the colourful map like before. I imported it as OBJ to procreate, and while the model was there, the UV map itself to colour wasn’t. So it wouldn’t let me do anything with it. Clearly, UVAtlas isn’t just the same as UV Auto-unwrap.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Unwrap is exactly the same thing and it should work.

Make sure to export the correct object before importing into Procreate.

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Thank you so much! I wasn’t aware you had to unwrap each object individually. The last time I used procreate to paint a model, I’m pretty sure the Auto-Unwrap did it all at once. After unwrapping each individual piece, it’s working perfectly.

Many thanks!