Update on camera rotation gesture behavior

I would like to suggest a change of camera rotation gesture behavior.

When I tap on an object, it sets an orbit center.

How camera rotation works now:

  1. when I tap and drag on background, camera is rotating with orbit center set by the first tap.

  2. When I tap and drag on an object (same or other), camera sets new orbit center (that one from tap-and drag gesture)

How I would like it behave:
It would be great if the camera at the second situation will behave same as at the first - I can use one tap to set orbit center and no matter if I tap and drag on the same or other object or the background, the camera will rotate with rotation center point set by the first tap.

Because now I have to move my hand and cover my screen when I want to rotate the camera and it’s not comfortable. It would be better if I could just use a thumb in a corner.

You can double tap to focus on the object or part of the object and drag it. Perhaps that’s what you are looking for? :thinking: you can set in camera setting.

Not exactly. Here is an example. I tap on snake’s head and then tap and drag on his head to rotate the camera - it rotates through that point. Then I tap on a head again and tap and drag on the background - it also works fine with the rotation center set on his head. But when I tap on his head then tap and drag on his tail, the orbit center is set on his tail what I don’t want.

Ah I see, well you see that cube with many colors, you can use it as some kind of trackball. If you want the focus only on head, as long you don’t double tap the tail or background. Perhaps that will help? :thinking:

Nope. Still not what I want to achieve :wink: I don’t want to use cube to rotate camera. The finger rotation is pretty good and I like it - it works perfectly with dragging on the background and also when tapping and dragging on an object, but I don’t wanna move my hand much, and sometimes when I want to rotate, there is some part of an object on the area of the screen that I am using to rotation and it changes my orbit center. It frustrates me. Sometimes there is no visible background and the only option is to drag it by setting the orbit point during a gesture. And I don’t like that, because I have to lift my hand, move to the screen center, tap and drag the object which causes a lack of visibility and I have to move my head also to look under my hand and see if the angle of rotation is appropriate. It’s really disturbing. To reach the cube on the top I also need to move my hand and that type of rotation is less precise than rotating by the finger.

Hope to be understood now.

Well perhaps lock camera feature would be suit you. Regardless what ever you do with the object or background the center will be stay at the place you want. No? Or I miss it again? :sweat_smile:

Need ask @stephomi about it.

You can use add view for now I think.

There is no “Tap to change pivot” in Nomad.

It changes pivot because “Update on panning/zooming/rotating” is enabled. (it should be /rotating as well, although it’s only relevant if you disabled finger sculpting).

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Omg, yes! Thank you!

Ow I never do anything with it. :sweat_smile: