Unusual black background and model as a ghost

I was trying to get a turntable animation done for the first time.
I openend the NOMAD-symbol in the upper left-hand corner and changed the “Turntable Speed”.
I clicked outside of this NOMAD-box to get back to my viewport, and all of a sudden, the whole appearence of my viewport had changed: the background was pitch-black and the model was hardly to see (black and white).
→ see screenshot

  1. what happened?

  2. how can I get back to a normal NOMAD-life?

I found it:
In the upper right hand corner, in the Settings-menu:
→ Debug
→ I mistakenly clicked on “Heightmap” (so “Heightmap” was activated)

How can the “Heightmap” be used?
What is it good for?

one use for height maps that I tend to use is to make alphas for brushes.

For example sculpt a rocky surface, screen grab/render the height map, add to a sculpt brush alpha with grab/drag option then use it to proliferate a larger surface with texture.


The video explains how to use the Hightmap.

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