Units of Measurement

I’m excited to use the program but I haven’t been able to start because objects don’t have dimensions.

I’ve studied 3D modeling and done printing for years but in other cases I’ve been able to specify the unit of measurement.

If I want to model a mug, I currently have to convert the real world measurements to a decimal measurement just to work with Nomad as opposed to setting units to millimeters and entering the exact dimensions for a cylinder.

As a product designer I need to know the model I’m sending to overseas manufacturers is a 1:1 model at specific measurements.

The current units for a cylinder are also capped, which is also why it’s better to have a system setting for units to real world measurements. If I specify a 40 unit radius cylinder for 40mm it caps at 2.00 units. So I have to convert the measurements to decimals and use 0.4 units x 1.0 units for a 80mm diameter x 100mm high mug.

It’s not scale that’s important for product manufacturing, it’s set dimensions.

Thank you.