Unable to make a Chain link without deformation :(

So I am continuing to make braclets. Now I am trying to make a link for a braclete chain.
I tried with torus but I was unable to give it a chain link shape with out getting deformation on two of it sides. Meaning its thickness changes.
Now I am trying to use Holger method used in the video “Chain along path”
I can not use world symmetry because I need the chain to be on a curve repeater in the right wrist of the character. I am using loca symetry.
When I activate symetry the gizmo does not move to one side like in the video it stays in the middle
And I get the same deformation on the hollowed cilinder that I was getting in the torus.
What is wrong?

Ok. I finally figured it out I was enlarging the wrong plane :person_facepalming:
I tried it in the world center this time , but that shouldn’t be the issue.
Edit: Actually that wasn’t the issue, because I got the same problem again.
The problem is that I was moving the dot to enlarge, instead of the arrow to move.
When using the dot I ge the deformation. When using the arrow I get it right shape.
SO many details to figure out.

My issue now is… I have no idea if all this little details are going to print on a resin printer. I am trying to make everything well joined in a way I hope it can be printed
Holger_Schoenischka. You could get a resin printer and start printing so you can make tutorial on best scupting practices for 3D printing :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I’ve often thought about what I could use a 3D printer for, but unfortunately I really have no use for it. Everything I would print would just be dust catchers.:wink:

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I hope you will share your experiences with that here.

I have done a few moderately-detailed prints from sculpts in Nomad Sculpt. My general strategy has been to merge everything into a single mesh. In some cases, I have had better luck doing Boolean operations in Blender.

Maybe you should cut and add keys to print the hands.

Yes cutting and keying is a must.
I was thinking about just have the whole arms as one piece. But maybe the braclete could be separate too.
So maybe cut the arm, the bracelets section and then the hand, would be a good idea.

Maybe cut the hand with the bracelet, isn’t? A then find the right orientation to print