Insert tool not working which radial symmetry

Hello all, first i’m a new user of Nomad and i’m really loving it. however, i have tired several times to work with radial symmetry following the wheel tutorials by Southern FX and several others. i believe i am following exactly from the video but it never works. when i come to insert an object using symmetry, say to make spokes or nobbly tire effect i can the main object but i can not see any ghost objects surrounding my model and don’t get any radial inserts. i have closed and reopened, have reset tools, re downloaded the app etc, nothing has changed. Can someone help please.

You’re watching old videos. The symmetry has changed after an update.

Ha! I was trying to find your video. I was just thinking “Holger probably has a great video on this” :joy:

Thank you, for that.

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Will you be doing any further videos on the symmetry tools?

If you want to know something specific, then you can post a image here in the post of what you want to do.
I can then possibly make a video answer to it.

Ok, thank you again for your help Holger. It’s Very much appreciated.