Turntable not exactly centered

My turntable is not exactly centered. I tried resetting the camera but its still off. What i mean is, it does not turn exactly around the ‘world center’ it seems off.

I must be missing something.

The turntable rotates around the center of all objects visible and/or selected in the scene, not world center.

If you want it to rotate around world center you have to either:

  • Make sure your model is centered on world center


  • Place objects in your scene that will hold the camera on world center
    – can be easily done using 2+ spheres (or other objects) equally offset of world center and further away than your model. Since you don’t want them in your scene, move them up or down so they won’t show once zoomed into you model. When the turn table starts, you will have to zoom into your model and center it on the screen.

There may be other ways of doing this but this is how I’ve done it in the past.