Tube: Option to SET a Profile & its Setting as DEFAULT

If you clone & save the Tube Tool, then the current selected profile should be used as the starting profile - not the CIRCLE.
It should also be possible to save the set divisions.
A checkbox for CLOSE HOLES when validating would also be great.
In this way, you could create complex objects very quickly with open profiles + close holes.


At this point, it makes more sense to have a knife tool and an extrude tool, rather than a “fille hole” option that only makes sense in this very particular use case.


Knife tool would be awesome……stepping into the realms of low poly modelling :disguised_face:

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I don’t think an extrude tool or a knife tool can create such objects. You can use different edge profiles, which you then close with close holes.

And every time you validate the tube profile, the next tube starts with the circle/square as the profile. You are forced to place a tube duplicate on the screen in order to be able to select it.


Saving profile presets would probably require to have profiles at arbitrary U positions along the curve instead of at the control points because the # of control points can change. So also the ui would have to change (add/remove/shift/duplicate? profile buttons instead of the triple switch). Same with twist.