Tube geometry radius middle slider

Is it possible to add a radius middle slider to the tube geometry setting in the future?
It will be helpful for hair.


Most nice would be a profile curve over path length.

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For now nothing is planned but I was thinking on something like that:


Iā€™m glad you are considering it
Take your time

That would be awesome.

This is nice! But just if the curve uses a few control points.
I still hope you consider to add an interpolation which lets you add as many subdivisions over path length without changing division X.
In this case a very nice way to control tube thickness is to use a profile curve. The profile curve can be added automatically after the stroke, or, if performance allows, in real time. The curve defines thickness over path length.
Me personally, I like this a lot!


And the curve has the added bonus of already existing as a UI element!