Tube control points & spotlight's direction control point aren't moving

After the update, there are so many bugs…

After I create a tube using curve tool, control points are visible but I can‘t reposition them. I used to select the points and drag to reposition…

Same as this situation, when I add a spotlight, I used to drag the green point to change the direction of the light, but now none of those points won’t move…

I use ipad pro 4th gen.

Please help

What’s the version?

I’m using version 1.89. Should I just use fingers instead of an apple pencil from now on? or there will be some improvement that’s planned out for later on?

Don’t expect improvements if I don’t have more information.
What’s your gesture settings?
Do you have a connected keyboard?

This is my gesture settings.

And I don’t have any accessory connected, besides the apple pencil.

Well I don’t know what the issue, I can’t replicate it.
Just in doubt enable « mouse » with sculpt but it likely won’t make any difference.