Odd behaviour, possible bug with tube tool

I’ve been noticing something strange which has happened a few times with the tube tool. Sometimes after I’ve created a tube (but have not validated it) when I put the pencil on a tube control point, the point will move outwards in the direction of the screen (as if it’s moving straight towards the viewer). I am not moving the pencil when this happens, just holding the pencil on the point; the longer I hold the pencil on the point the more it moves outwards towards the screen. The direction of movement is dependent on camera viewing angle (it’s always outwards towards the viewer). It’s very strange.
Some of the tubes might have been created by mirroring other tubes; but in those cases the mirror was validated and the tubes were uninstanced. It is only affecting some tubes in my scene. It happens even after closing nomad and reopening.
Any one else experienced anything similar. A possible bug? ( I’m on M1 iPad Pro, 1.90 version)

Here’s a quick video. I hold the pencil on one of the points and you can see how it moves towards viewer

Same thing with tube here: Question for the group. I am making another foot for another character I’m sculpting. I intend to make it about the same size and shape as this foot I... | By JasonFacebook

Any way to replicate the issue reliably? (If you can only on a certain file, you can send it to me)
Is it happening with fingers as well?
Does your pencil/iPad support hover?

I can only move dots if I hold view with my finger

Normally I have finger sculpting deactivated, however I turned it on to test and the odd behaviour was not happening with finger, only with Apple Pencil. I do not have hover feature on my pencil.

I had a scene with lots of tubes (all unvalidated). The odd behaviour was only happening with 3 of the tubes. Half the tubes in my scene were created with mirrors, but all the mirrors had been validated and the new tubes uninstanced. Unfortunately I don’t know if the problem tubes were created with mirrors or if they were the original unmirrored ones. It only some tubes on one side of the scene that have issues.

I have tried adding new tubes to the scene and mirroring them, but I can’t repeat the problem.
I will send you a file which contains the 3 problem tubes, plus some tubes which are behaving normally. The problem tubes are named bug 1, bug 2 and bug 3. All the tubes are color coded across left and right: tubes that are the same color were created from each other with mirrors.

I was wondering if you have had a chance to look at the file I sent you. Is the issue happening for you on your device in the same way? Thanks

This issue is different.
Check that you didn’t disable pencil action in the gesture menu?
Otherwise maybe it’s an issue if you have a keyboard connected. In any case it’s not something I can replicate.

Yes I can replicate, both on finger and with pencil.
It’s likely a numerical precision issue: it only happens on certain view orientation.
Haven’t looked into it further but I should be able to fix it.