Freezing Controllers of Cylinder

Bug reportsHi, since the new update to 1.85 (Apple iPad 2019 6 GB RAM) the control points for radius sometimes freeze for cylinders. And can no longer be used. If you close the program and open it again, everything runs normally again.

I can’t replicate and won’t be able to fix it until I can replicate.
What’s your gesture settings?
Do you have the Apple pencil with hovering?

Dear Stephomi, now I am on 1.87 and the behavior did not happen again until now. Even on 1.85 it only sometimes happened after a longer work period. My gestures are standard. Except: Finger can not modify any model.
Apple Pencil is also standard.
Thank you!

This sounds like the same issue that ProcreateFX and I had with the tube tool. I last saw the problem a few days ago with 1.85 on iPadOS with an Apple Pencil 2 and standard gesture settings. I also had the same problem with the curve repeater in 1.85.

Do you have the iPad with hover support?

No, I do not. I have a 5th gen M1 iPad Pro.