Torch/Random repository(soon i will add more)

Product design —— My concept/idea of fidget spinner

Orange :tangerine:


Looks very tasty and fresh!

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Well done!

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Trying out a pbr texture feature. I try to make my own camera pbr texture, and for me it’s hard to understand the behavior of your texture; specialy don’t have any knowledge on it, but it’s a relief for a big scenes and for a low end to mid end devices when you use a pbr texture


I enjoy the pbr texture, but sadly it’s doesn’t have a support for transparency. It would be great if tranparency support for a pbr texture is implement in a future.

The textures already have the support for transparency: Material: Blending or additive or dithering i think. Set opacity to 1 and reflectance 0

I’ll try that later. Thanks man.

Hey👋 @Holger_Schoenischka thanks man, it works

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why this model using a much of ram?, does the UV texture dimension affecting it? im using 4k UVs most of the time

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horsey horsey

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